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Aquasensor, alarm swimming pool immersion detector

Friday 8 July 2005
The immersion detectors in the Aquasensor range passed the wind tests relating to amendment NF P90-307/A1 and supervised by APAVE laboratories. A moulded "NF P 90-307" and "EC" stamp in each of our product casings attests to this conformity.

MG International, accepted for Alternext - Euronext Paris quotation on 23 June 2005
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Compliance with the NF P90-307 standard
Registered respectively under references SEN005-M, SOL005-M and ELI005-M, Sensor Premium(TM), Sensor Solar(TM) and Sensor Elite(TM) belong to the alarm systems class defined by the Pool Safety Act of 3 January 2003.

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