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Aquasensor: a complete, adapted range

With no fewer than 5 new products, Aquasensor, the range of immersion detectors from MG International, offers solutions adapted to everyone’s needs. With the combined result of the studies carried out by our engineers and the feedback from users and members of the trade, our immersion detectors have had a facelift.


new design

To preserve the appearance of the pool environment, our poolside detectors have been re-designed, losing a few centimetres and a bit of weight in the process.


operating principle behind the immersion detectors in the Aquasensor range

In the event of immersion or someone falling into the pool, the Aquasensor range’s central detection units detect and analyse the underwater wave and activate their powerful alarm siren(s). All our immersion detectors incorporate “Wind Control” technology"® and automatic re-start after bathing, and come with a 2-year guarantee.


why adopt Aquasensor range immersion detectors?

The French Act no. 2003-9 of 03 January 2003 states that all private pools (buried and not enclosed) for individual and group use must be equipped with a standardised safety system by 31 December 2005 at the latest.

Though 4 families of safety systems are recommended by the law, only the immersion detectors in the Aquasensor range present a large number of advantages.

• compliance with the NF P90-307/A1 Standard (July 2005): because they have to be a reliable supplement to the vigilance of adults during active supervision of the pool, the Aquasensor range immersion detectors meet all the requirements of the French approved Standard NF P90-307/A1. To meet this requirement, our detectors have successfully passed through over 200 rigorous tests run under the supervision of an independent laboratory. Each detector comes with the Manufacturer’s compliance certificate.

• preserving the pool environment: fixed on the poolside and carefully designed (stone colour and compact size), our immersion detectors are as unobtrusive as possible

• reasonable prices: the immersion detectors in the Aquasensor range are the cheapest safety systems.

• easy to install and use: unlike other systems, these detectors are easy to install: the pool owner can do the job himself, rather than calling in a professional.

• controlled, independent manufacture, a guarantee of quality:
our immersion detectors are designed and developed by our internal Research and Development teams. The various components are manufactured by nearby supplier-partners selected for the quality of their services. The detectors are assembled in our own production unit following a rigorous process in which traceability is the watchword, from component to end product.


technological innovation

All our staff works constantly to improve the performance and quality of our products. No less than 3 new concepts and innovations have been introduced.

“Wind Control” Technology®
Based on the technology of the previous range, a new technology known as "Wind Control" has been developed. This exclusive, registered technology aims to reduce the risk of the alarm being activated by the wind.

comfort and simplicity
Based on our expertise in the field of pool safety, we have designed an immersion detector capable of analysing and communicating information concerning comfort: Sensor Élite. In addition to its role as a safety system, Sensor Élite takes the temperature of the water in the pool and its pH value and communicates them to a remote box placed in the home.

Though the immersion detector offers the advantage over other systems of preserving the pool environment, some users wanted to see it looking even more unobtrusive. Our engineers therefore designed and developed the Sensor Espio , which is virtually invisible: all you can see is its probe dropping down into the water.