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The swimming pool market in France is constant development. In 10 years, the number of pools in France has doubled and the country now counts over 1,150,000 pools! A dream come true for many owners. Although pools offer hours of fun and pleasure, they are also a risk for children if they are not properly supervised.

a law to protect children under the age of 5

In May 2001, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, then a Senator, propose a law aimed at reducing the number of accidents in private pools, in which children are too often the victims. The promulgation of the "Pool Safety" Act No. 2003-9 of 03 January 2003, set a public health target of reducing domestic accidents involving children and linked to the use of pools.

the number of victims is significantly reducing:


deaths of children in private pools
number of private pools


708 000
773 000
854 000
2003 (heatwave)
928 000
2004 (application of the Act)
1 056 000
1 154 000

extract of the Act relating to safety in private pools:

Art. L. 128-1. - From 1st January 2004, buried, unenclosed private pools for individual or group use must be equipped with a standardised safety system aimed at preventing the risk of drowning. From this date, any builder or installer of such a pool must provide the client with a specification showing which standardised safety system has been chosen.The form of this specification will be set out in a regulation within three months of the promulgation of Act no. 2003-9 of 3 January 2003 relating to pool safety.

Art. L. 128-2.  - The owners of buried, unenclosed private pools for individual or group use installed before 1st January 2004 must, by 1st January 2006, have fitted their pool with a standardised safety system, subject to such a system adaptable to their facility being available on that date.
In the case of seasonally-rented accommodation, a safety system must be installed before 1st January 2004.

Art. L. 128-3. - The conditions under which the systems mentioned in articles L. 128-1 and L. 128-2 are standardised are determined by regulation.

Art. L. 152-12. - Failure to comply with the provisions of articles L. 128-1 and L. 128-2 relating to pool safety will result in a fine of 45,000 EUR.
Legal entities may be declared criminally liable under the terms set out in article 121-2 of the Penal Code relating to infringements of the provisions of articles L. 128-1 and L. 128-2.
The sanctions incurred by legal entities are:
1) A fine, in line with the arrangements set out in article 131-38 of the Penal Code ;
2) The punishments mentioned in §2 to §9 of article 131-39 of the Penal Code.
The prohibition mentioned in §2 of article 131-39 of the Penal Code concerns the activity in the exercise or on the occasion of the exercise of which the infringement was committed.

All private pool owners must fit their pools with a standardised safety system by 01 January 2006.

pools concerned

All private pools for individual or group use (buried and unenclosed) must be fitted with a standardised safety system. The system is aimed at preventing the risk of drowning.Private outdoor pools, pools in residential complexes, hotels, campsites, holiday centres and clubs, rural gites, etc., are concerned.

Not concerned:
pools in swimming centres that are supervised by a lifeguard,
pools placed on the ground
pools that are inflatable or can be dismantled,
pools situated inside a building.

the various standardised safety systems

To comply with the legislation, the chosen system must comply with French AFNOR Standards (French standardisation association).

There are 4 families of systems:
Protective fences: fixed and flexible fences. - NF Standard P90-306
Safety covers: barred covers, roller shutters, moving floors,... -NF Standard P90-308
Pool shelters: low, high, mid-height or removable shelters. - NF Standard P90-309
Alarm systems: underwater alarms and poolside systems- NF Standard P90-307/A1

MG International, a strong commitment

As a member of the French Swimming Pool Trades Federation and an active member of the AFNOR standardisation committee, MG International plays a full part in the public health debate and commits heavy resources to Research & Development. This investment has led the company to becoming the 1st immersion alarm manufacturer to have obtained the French Standard NF P90-307 from April 2004 and to be the market leader for pool safety in France.
In July 2005, out of a concern to improve systems, AFNOR amended the French Standard in an attempt to reduce the number of untimely activations caused by the wind. With its built-in “Wind Control” Technology, our range has once again passed all the compliance tests and obtained the French NF P90-307/A1 Standard.

prevention advice to help minimise risks:

•Teach children to swim as soon as possible
•Learn what to do to After Sales Servicee others, especially those specific to children
•Do not allow a children who is not a strong swimmer or who is not accompanied to get into the pool without a lifejacket or armbands
•Children must be supervised constantly and closely
•Designate one adult responsible for safety
•Do not leave toys near or in an unsupervised pool
•Do not allow children to run or play active games by the poolside
•Keep the water clear and clean.


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